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Art & Sculptures from Nepal

Vajradhara in Vajrahumkara-mudraWhat do the Tibetans, when unhappy in love, do to win over their beloveds? They pray to Kurukulla, the wrathful manifestation of Goddess Tara. There she stands, precariously balanced, bathed in sensuous gold, holding her flowery weapons. The erotic symbolism is emphasized in her sadhana. For subjugating a man, the flower-hook and arrow are visualized as piercing his heart, while for attracting a woman, these attributes penetrate her reproductive organ.

One of the most marvelous achievements of the Newari craftsman has been the successful rendering of a peculiar form of Avalokiteshvara. Iconographic canons mention him with eleven heads piled over in five layers. Not only that, he has a thousand hands, on the palm of each of which is inscribed an eye, symbolizing the all-seeing compassion typical of this bodhisattva.

Baby Ganesha crawling on the ground, much like the child Krishna; Achalanatha, the wrathful immovable Buddha; a rare sculpture of Hanuman, a jubilant expression on his face and finally an eight inch high White Tara, aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

A unique rendition of Shiva, his hair blue in the typical Nepalese style, seated on a lion skin placed on a mount. The Medicine Buddha, his robe lavishly carved over with the endless knot in silver, as is his lotus seat enriched with the same precious metal. Then there is a thirteen-inch high, affordable sculpture of Green Tara.

Buddhist Art & Sculptures - An Exhaustive Collection of Buddhist art from India, Nepal and Tibet.

Nepalese Lost Wax Sculptures - Deities wrathful and peaceful. Sculpted out of Copper through the lost wax process.

Tantra Paintings - Yantras, Mantras, and Mandalas, all created by hand, according to the ancient iconography of Tantra. Also, a wide selection of deities and abstract diagrams, from the Tantric Pantheon.

Thangka Paintings - Thangka Paintings created by monks in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Tibet. Each thangka comes framed in traditional Tibetan silk brocade and veil.


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