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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage has been around for a long time with evidence of stones being used for healing purposes dating back before written history. Ancient civilizations believed that hot stones were beneficial for cleansing the body, relaxing the heart, grounding the soul and soothing the mind.

Hot Lava Stones, used in conjunction with classic massage styles melts away pain and stress. This exotic treatment involves the placement of heated polished lava stones on pressure and chakra points, while the application of oil on stones is applied to the skin. Your body blanketed in warmth with aromatic oils to encourage deep relaxation.

  • Time required, 90 minutes  per treatment.
  • To make a booking, Ph 03 980 4646

Semi Precious Stones Used in Healing

A brain stone, purifying mental and emotional bodies and helping to lose anxiety and fears. Inspires independence, well being and health.

The thinker; soothes the nervous system, giving strength to the heart. Makes you feel good, uplifted and creative.

Hot Stone Massage (Miniature Editions)Relief from pain. Use with meditation. A powerful aid to spiritual matters, and a calming influence.

The entwined powers of Amethyst and Citrine make this a unique stone, believed to be an exceptional cleanser and energiser.

Blue Lace Agate
Used for balancing the mind, body, emotions and insomnia. Helps give a sense of courage, and assists in discovering the truth. Believed good for strengthening the bones.

A good balancer. It connects you with your inner self, giving good concentration. Said to benefit the kidneys, lung and liver.

Diminishes self-destructive tendencies by raising self-esteem. Good for overall emotional well-being.

A very inward looking stone. It helps with calming, balancing and inner mental healing. Helps ease depressions and balance personal insight.

Clear Quartz
General healer for all over the body. Good memory keeper. Increases clarity and quietens the mind. Dispels negativity.

Enhances personal magnetism, will and courage. Believed beneficial for blood flow, stress and the nerves.

Lapis Lazuli
Considered to be the stone of friendship. It is said to protect from physical danger and encourage honesty and dignity.

Known as the stone of transformation, assisting in times of change. It is reputed to benefit sufferers of shyness.

A feminine stone, inspiring flexibility, nurturing wisdom and believed helpful in pregnancy.

Red Jasper
Helps to balance physical and emotional energies. A good stone for soothing the nerves.

A stimulating stone thought good for dispelling anxiety. encouraging generosity and providing a general feeling of well-being.

Rose Quartz
Known as the love stone. Aids peacefulness and calm in relationships. Said to ease stress, tension and assist sleep.

Smokey Quartz
A gentle grounding stone. Acts as a deep cleanser. A useful meditation stone.

Snow Flake Obsidian
Stone of purity. Helps balance the mind, body and spirit. Said to be beneficial for the skin and veins.

Aids throat and helps you to speak truths. Assists creative expression. Good for heartburn.

Tigers Eye
The "confidence stone". Produces soothing vibrations. Contains solar energy. Stimulates peaceful thoughts.

Tourmaline Quartz
A good balancing stone. Believed to cushion against negativity and promote understanding.


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