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Why Learn Massage

Massage is a basic human instinct, everyone can do it, but with a little training the effectiveness is increased.

Three Good Reasons Are:
To Build a Successful Career and Lifestyle
Learn To Rub Your Family The Right Way
Learn to Relax and Save Your Health Care Dollars

To Build a Successful Career and Lifestyle
The massage industry is steadily growing with opportunities for employment in medical centres and spas world wide as well as being a popular home business option. Have hands - can travel..

Learn To Rub Your Family The Right Way

Massage in the home helps not only to ease tensions, it helps to build and strengthen relationships as well as maintaining family health.

Learn to Relax and Save Your Health Care Dollars
Physical aches and pains are often compounded by worry, mental and emotional stresses of which the most common are to do with survival and relationships. If you nothing about your pain and distress, it can accumulate over time to become debilitating and cost you money, first there are the pain killers, then trips to your doctor and time off work. The typical mental and emotional stresses we have to deal with are our work, social and family relationships.

Maybe its time you looked on the internet or got some books from the library to learn some simple but effective massage techniques to ease stress in the lives of your loved ones, or you can enroll in my correspondence course or if you reside or will be in Christchurch attend our school.


Learn massage not only relieve stress, but to also heal your relationships and live a longer happier life. Courses can be arranged to suit, daytime or evening, register your interest

Personal training is available, bring a friend to be your model or we have models available. more.

Turn off the tv and spend some quality time together more.

Professional Training
A combination of one to one tuition and guided practice on models to provide the competency to enter the workforce as a massage professional after 15 - 30 hours, more.

Home study
For anyone contemplating a career in the fields of health and healing, our on line massage manuals are just what you need for insight and practical experience.

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