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Yoga classes involve a combination of physical exercise, deep breathing, concentration and relaxation exercises to leave students with a greater sense of wellbeing. After effects include better sleep, improved health and vitality.

Hatha Yoga

Suited to all, these lessons are best described as a gentle to firm workout with a relaxation at the end to suit the specific needs of the individual.

A gentle approach to performing asana. Instructions include the detail and precision of Iyengar yoga and while the exercises are easy for beginners, they also challenge experienced practitioners. 

The class begins with a few minutes deep breathing and a warm up before continuing onto classical yoga postures to conclude with a warm down and relaxation.

Philpotts Rd by appointment


  • $25.00 per hour + $10.00 per person
  • $35.00 per 90 minutes + $15.00 per person
  • Maximum of three students

What to wear and bring to class:

Wear any light comfortable clothing you can stretch in and the room is generally warm.
Please bring a blanket, yoga mat is optional and not needed, class notes.

To book a session, phone David on  (03) 980 4646.

Other Classes
There are yoga classes in most towns and neighbourhoods, some the focus is on the physical exercises which condition the body, others are more meditative and every teacher has a unique style or approach.

Yoga is a popular exercise system for body and mind. Basic yoga exercise helps to maintain health, fitness and balance. It can also be course in self study, studying our human nature and world. The common meaning of the word yoga most often means 'performing yoga exercise', but by definition, the word yoga means 'the ultimate unity or enlightenment' synonymous with that of Buddha's and saints. Hatha yoga classes are found in most world cities and yoga is excellent tool for team building exercises. Discipline is required to keep up a home practice and a strong desire for truth is essential for the serious student and seeker.



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