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Yoga is not just an option for anyone wishing to relieve their suffering, it is the only option known to really work.

The modern science of yoga is the accumulated testimony, evaluation and corroboration of practitioners. It has been clearly proven that elements of yoga when practiced in any circumstances produces positive results in relieving suffering and increasing real happiness.


A human being is a structure with a physical body and layers of consciousness that enable it to function. The body can be referred to as a vehicle - the vehicle of the soul is a common expression. Body and mind require a certain level of harmony to function well, but as the body can be examined in its component parts, so can the mind.

Yoga begins with the body because it is so obvious. The physical exercises known as asana and pranyama bring body and mind to an equilibrium -  a state of harmony. In this state body and mind begin the process of self repair and the individual will feel more content or more at peace.

Peace is the foundation to begin the process or journey of self realisation. Finding peace is only a first step, but that step is a major step towards relieving our suffering. It is not an end to stress, but it means we no longer have to suffer from stress. It is not a state of perfect health, but is a freedom from the anxieties associated with health problems and a platform for real healing.

However as we use our bodies, we create imbalances which weaken the structure. Simply being right handed makes that side of the body stronger and more responsive. During our day to day lives, we experience excess; sometimes its over exertion, straining or tearing muscles or over eating. All these things apply pressure to our body systems and over time, these systems can break down - or cause us pain.

Life as Decay
Without regular balanced exercise, our bodies slowly deteriorate and as this process occurs we begin to experience discomfort and restricted movement, or other problems with digestion, assimilation, reproduction and other body systems.

Yoga teaches that a balanced active life supports not only a pain free and active life, but a longer and happier life. Yoga exercises tone, balance and strengthens all  the bodies systems and overall metabolism, reducing pain and suffering enabling a fuller and richer life.

If you are suffering  any chronic condition and if you would like to improve your life, please contact me.

“To live a life of spontaneity, truth, love and beauty is to live in heaven.
To live a life of hypocrisy, lies and compromises, to live according to others, is to live in hell.
To live in freedom is heaven, and to live in bondage is hell.” Osho

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Recommended Books
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The Five Tibetans: Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy, and Personal Power The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga: An Authoritative Presentation, Based on 30 Years of Direct Study Under the Legendary Yoga Teacher Krishnamacharya w Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Alternately courses can be done with Isha Yoga in India or the International Yoga Teachers' Association in NZ and many other countries.



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Light on Yoga by  BKS Iyengar


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